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Are You A PT?

Simply download the SQUA-T App and Start Making Bookings In Minutes At Independent Studios Across The UK
How Does SQUA-T Support Your PT Business?

Prime Locations

Imagine being able to offer personal training to your clients all across an area in different gyms and studios without monthly recurring costs

Book and Pay On Demand

Offering access to the best studios across London to leading professionals in the industry.
You book your sessions when you want and only pay for the time you use a facility.

Free 12 Hour Notice Cancellations

We understand that in the Personal Training business plans often change. Which is why we allow cancelations free of charge with 12 hours notice.

Social Media Shoutouts

Tag us to your social media posts and get shout outs, increasing your social media visibility. Coming soon we will be offering you the opportunity to advertise your services to clients directly. Sign up now to be kept up to date.

On Going Business Support

Receive regular updates on your business performance as well as tips to increase your business.