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Are You A Personal Trainer?

Are You A Studio?

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We are the largest providers of expert personal trainers in London. Offering access to the best studios to leading professionals in the industry. Not wanting to be tied to one location, we've hundreds of trainers each looking for multiple studios.

Gone are the days of pencil and paper! Studio owners can receive live notifications and view their studio's bookings on the SQUA-T Platform.
Over the last 4 years, we have developed a tech based solution to owning and operating a successful fitness studio and optimising it's growth.

The solution that we offer can take care of everyting from taking bookings to gaining access. All from the comfort of your smartphone. Enabling a huge community of trainers to use your studio on an on-demand 'pay as they go' basis.

As part of the platform, we developed a lock that will fit any studio door and cameras that'll enable instant studio oversight.

The lock is controlled using our app. It enables instant access for any trainer wanting to sign up and use your studio right away.
Rest assured, we carry out all the checks and provide a log on every trainer that accesses your studio.

The cameras we offer are motion-sensored and can ensure your studio is taken care of while you're not there! Accessible via our platform, you can log in anywhere on the globe!
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Joining SQUA-T WILL deliver increased revenue!

Our priority is you!
We know what it takes to own and run a successful studio and that time is crucial! So we developed this solution to allow studio owners a little more flexibility in their schedule while increasing their occupancy.

You simply upload your studio's available hours throughout the week. We then make them available to our fully certified community on the SQUA-T platform. The PT's can then accommodate their clients under your roof. In turn increasing your exposure to new trade and most importantly additional income!

Once you have singed up - you will be assigned a SQUA-T representative, who will schedule a convenient time to help set you up, install any hardware you may have chosen, launch the tech and promote your studio to our large and ever growing community.

Personal Trainers locate their preferred studio location via the app and instantly book.

NB - As a studio owner you choose your availability schedule as not to impede on your already committed trainers.
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" What's the catch ?
5% per booking
Externals only

is available only to the best independent studios.

The studio owner decides their price per hour - of which we charge 5% per external booking made.

Internal PTs have unlimited bookings defined by the studio on their custom platform.

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We take care of the nitty gritty;

SQUA-T oversees the qualifications, insurance and overall behaviour of every community member.

PTs are also on
a prepay credit system, meaning your studio is guaranteed no late payments or complications.

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SQUA-T Lock -
£35 per month
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SQUA-T CCTV (x2) -
£15 per month
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Additional SQUA-T cams (x2) -
£10 per month
prices exclude VAT and billing take place monthly rolling, 30 days cancellation notice required